Masada Private Hospital
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Partners & Carer's Group

The effectiveness of the Masada Early Parenting Centre program relies heavily on families working together as a team so those consistent messages are given to children. Therefore participation of partners/carers in the program is vital and we strongly encourage all partners/carers to attend the Partners and Carers Group.

When: 7.30 pm on Wednesday evening

Where: Early Parenting Centre, Masada Private Hospital

Becoming a parent or carer gives rise to many deep feelings. Talking about how it feels to be a parent or carer can be helpful and enjoyable. Issues about supporting partners/carers, balancing work, family and other interests, deciding what sort of parent/carer you want to be and being introduced to some aspects of positive active parenting for infants are some of the issues discussed.

Partners and carers are also encouraged to be involved in education regarding parenting and settling skills. The residential parent may liaise with the staff to make appropriate arrangements.