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Day Surgery Patient Information

Day Surgery

Masada Private Hospital Day Surgery Unit provides a friendly, caring and comfortable environment for certain operations and procedures that do not require an overnight or extended stay.

Day surgery is a modern concept made possible through new anaesthetic and surgical techniques, reducing your hospital visit to one day or just hours. The highest quality care is maintained with the benefit of being discharged on the same day.

Day surgery effectively reduces anxiety normally associated with undergoing surgical procedures and it is the ideal way to avoid disruption at your work or home.

The style of accommodation has been specifically designed with a short stay in mind. However, if the need arises for you to remain in hospital overnight, you will be transferred to a suitable Ward.

Before your admission

Once the decision has been made that you require admission to Masada Private Hospital, we ask that you deliver, post or fax your Admission paperwork to the hospital AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (please ensure that the original is brought with you on admission).

Your Admission paperwork contains the following forms, which all need to be forwarded to the hospital prior to admission:

  • Registration Form(to be completed in full by the patient or guardian)
  • Surgical Consent Form (this is the consent for surgery completed during your visit with your doctor)
  • Privacy Consent Form (to be completed in full by the patient or guardian)
  • Medical History Form (to be completed in full by the patient or guardian)

Our reception is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 8pm. It is preferable that you attend in person to deliver the necessary paperwork, but if this is not possible then you can post or fax your admission papers.

When you first come to the hospital (either to deliver your forms or on the day of admission) please bring with you:

  • Medicare Card
  • Health Fund Details (if applicable)
  • Pension and/or Veteran’s Affairs details (if applicable)
  • Worker’s Compensation or Third Party claim details (if applicable)
  • Pharmaceutical Safety Net Card and/or Health Care Card (if applicable)

If you have any questions regarding your procedure and brief stay in hospital, please contact the Admission Office on (03) 9038 1300.

Your admission

When you arrive at the Hospital, you will need to report to the Main Reception Desk.

To enable staff to prepare you adequately for your procedure and to allow time for anaesthetic consultation there may be a waiting time between your admission and procedure time and we therefore ask that you set aside the whole day for your admission.

Due to limited space within the Day Surgery Unit, only ONE relative/person is to accompany you to this area. This person may stay with you until you go to the operating theatre.

If admission forms and consents have been faxed to the hospital, please ensure that you bring the original with you.


To ensure your stay with us is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, please read the following information carefully.

Before Surgery

  • Bathe or shower
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Do not wear makeup or jewellery, other than a wedding ring
  • Unless otherwise instructed, do not have anything to eat or drink SIX hours prior to surgery – this includes water
  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to admission
  • If you are taking medications and are unsure about whether to continue these, please check with your admitting doctor.

Please Bring

  • Current medication (in their original containers)
  • Relevant x-rays or test results
  • Glasses, hearing or other aids
  • Medicare card, private health fund details, Pension / Concession or Pharmaceutical Entitlement Cards
  • Payment if necessary
  • Names and contact details of the next of kin or a contact person
  • If you have an Advanced Health Directive or an Enduring Power of Attorney for health matters, please bring a certified copy of these with you.

Once the Day Surgery Nurse has finished your admission, you will be taken to a shared waiting room and provided with a gown to put on. A bag will be provided for your clothes, you do not require sleepwear and valuables should not be brought into the hospital (including jewellery). The Hospital does not take responsibility for loss or damage to personal items or valuables. Mobile phones are not permitted for use within the Hospital.

Post surgery

After your procedure you will be taken to the recovery area. During this time, our nursing staff will continually monitor your progress and comfort. Your length of stay in the recovery area will depend on your operative procedure. Usually patients are discharged between two and four hours after treatment.


Before you leave the Hospital, our staff will give you full instructions about dressings, medications and follow-up appointments.

Please stop at Reception in the main foyer to be discharged and to finalise your account. If you have a general anaesthetic you will be unable to drive home, so please make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home.

For the first 24 hours, it is important if you have been given any form of sedation, that you DO NOT:

  • Drive a car
  • Drink alcohol

If you are taking regular medications you should discuss this with your doctor.

After You Get Home

Depending on the surgery performed, some patients may experience certain sensations including: pain, nausea, sore throat, muscle pain, disturbed ability to concentrate. If you experience any other problems immediately following surgery please call the hospital on (03) 9038 1501. Should your symptoms persist beyond 24 hours, or you have any concerns please contact your doctor immediately, or the hospital after hours.


Visitors are strictly limited and only possible in special circumstances.


During construction of our new Rehabilitation Development onsite car parking is restricted. Street parking is available subject to Council time limits - please refer to the Masada Private Hospital Street Parking Map for guidance.


The Kiosk is located in the main reception area and caters for a variety of needs. We offer delicious beverages, sandwiches and cakes.

Private Health Insurance

Please contact your private health fund to confirm your level of cover and whether you have an excess, copayment or exclusion on your policy. In the event that you do have an excess or copayment, these will be payable at the time of your admission.

Claims for hospitalisation will be made directly to your fund by the hospital. Depending on your health fund, some ancillary items may appear separately on your hospital account. You will receive a separate account from the provider for items such as:

  • Doctors involved in your hospital care (surgeons, surgeons’ assistants, anaesthetists, specialist physicians)
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmacy

Self insured patients

Patients paying privately will be required to pay the estimated cost of hospitalisation on admission (payment for maternity patients is due one month prior to the expected birth). It is therefore necessary for you to contact Reception for an estimate prior to your admission. On discharge, you will be directed to the Reception desk to finalise your account. All fees for doctors, diagnostic services, pharmacy and other ancillary services will be billed separately.


Masada Private Hospital cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any valuables retained in your care. This includes jewellery, cash, credit cards, cheque books etc. Please feel free to ask the staff to place them in the main safe, located in reception, to ensure their safety. We recommend that, where possible, you consider leaving items of value at home.