Masada Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Other Services

Veteran Liaison Officer

As a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Veteran Partnering hospital, you have immediate access to our care without the need for prior approval. We also provide help and support from our Veteran Liaison Officer.

Diabetes Education Service

The Diabetic Educator provides consultation and care to diabetic patients at Masada Private Hospital. The diabetic management of patients is a specialised area requiring liaison with the Nurse Unit Manager, medical staff and relatives. Consultations are arranged through the Nurse Unit Manager

Dietician/Nutrition Service

Masada Private Hospital uses a consultant Dietician service for recommendations appropriate to particular requirements. The dietician, in conjunction with our Nurse Unit Managers and medical staff, provides counselling during admission and on discharge from hospital if required. Consultations are arranged through the Nurse Unit Manager.

Infection Control Service

Masada Private Hospital has a hospital wide Infection Control Service and policy aimed at providing:

  1. An Infection Control Consultant
  2. An Infection Control Committee
  3. Infection Control policies and procedures which comply with current Australian Standards
  4. Regular inservice education for all staff to ensure current trends and practices are maintained.

If you have any concerns regarding Infection Control please contact the Nurse Unit Manager.

Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy Services

Masada Private Hospital is a non denominational hospital and cares for all patients irrespective of religion or nationality.

A Pastoral Care Worker is available on request to the Nurse Unit Manager to give specific spiritual input and to offer support and counselling to inpatients at Masada Private Hospital. This includes the lonely patients with few visitors, patients who express apprehension or fear, those whose illness or surgery may significantly change their way of life and patients with social and domestic concerns.

Ministers, Priests and Rabbis from local Churches/Synagogues can be requested to visit, please speak to the Nurse Unit Manager to arrange.

Social Worker

Masada Private Hospital engages the services of a consultant Social Worker whose services can be arranged in consultation with the Nurse Unit Manager


Ramsay Health Care in-house Pharmacy provides the Pharmacy service at Masada Private Hospital. Ramsay Health Care in-house Pharmacy delivers hospital supplies daily. If you require any pharmacy items, please do not hesitate to inform your Nurse Unit Manager. All items will be delivered by nursing staff directly to your room.

Physiotherapy Service

Your treating Doctor will specify which physiotherapist you should see. Many doctors, particularly Orthopaedic Surgeons have their own physiotherapists who are familiar with the surgeon’s requirements.

Clinical Massage

A consultant Masseuse offers a variety of remedial therapies that range from pure relaxation to deep tissue treatments. These include myofacial release, connective tissue therapy, trigger point and acupressure therapy as well as manual lymphatic drainage therapy. These therapies are related to the areas of injury prevention and rehabilitation, pre and post surgery, anti and post natal treatment and acute and chronic musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction. Treatment can be arranged in consultation with your Nurse Unit Manager.

Pathology Service

Masada Private Hospital is serviced by Dorevitch Pathology and Melbourne Pathology. Choice of pathology service is dependent upon Doctor’s preference and if you are currently using either service.

Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Service

The in-house radiology service provides an extensive range of X-ray services. Some procedures require patients to be transferred to other Radiology facilities and, if this is necessary nursing staff will make the necessary arrangements.