Masada Private Hospital
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Residential Program

The Early Parenting Centre inpatient program is an intensive five night program delivered at Masada Private Hospital. During your stay, nursing staff are available to review your progress and provide support throughout the program, offering compassionate, hands-on help as required.

On arrival you and your infant will be admitted to the Early Parenting Centre under the care of an experienced General Practitioner who will be available throughout your stay. In addition Psychologists and Paediatricians are available if required on a consultancy basis. You will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals including specialist nurses.

Key components of the residential program include:

  • Individualised Program - On admission your health and your infant’s health will be assessed. Our team will work with you to establish an individualised program to address your presenting difficulties, including an age appropriate routine for daily care for your infant. We are flexible, recognising that your program will need review and you and your partner/carer will have ongoing support from our team.

  • Group education – During your stay there will be regular group sessions in which all admitted parents are expected to participate. These group programs will focus on infant development, parenthood, sleep and settling and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

  • Partner carer participation – The importance of the family unit is recognised by the provision of a Partners and Carers Group. Partners and Carers for your infant are encouraged to attend this Group. Our team will provide you with information about this program on your admission. Partners and carers are also encouraged to be involved in education regarding parenting and settling skills. The residential parent may liaise with the staff to make appropriate arrangements.

  • Sleep and settling skills - The specialist nurses at the Early Parenting Centre will teach sleep and settling skills using techniques appropriate for infants and toddlers up to 2 years of age. Responsive settling is a gentle approach to interpreting your infant’s cries/grizzles and responding to these accordingly to support them in learning the art of drifting off to sleep independently. We work in partnership with you in finding the best way for you and your infant, based on what you are comfortable with, to achieve your goals. This process may vary in length of time, as all infants are unique and individual in their needs.

A referral from a Medical Practitioner is required for admission to the Program.

EPC Medical Referral

Please e-mail your referral to and our Bookings Nurse will contact you.

You may contact the Early Parenting Centre directly during business hours to discuss the program and your suitability.

T: (03) 9038 1415


To book in to our residential program you are required to complete the following steps:

We need you to complete these forms so we can ensure we collect all the essential information to tailor your plan of care with you.

  1. Please complete our registration form. The completed form needs to be emailed to
  2. Once the registration form has been received, you will need to visit your medical practitioner who needs to complete a  Early Parenting Centre Medical Referral form for you. The completed form also needs to be emailed to
  3. Once we have received both the registration form and referral form, we will email you a link to our Pre-Admission Assessment Form which needs to be completed by you.

The email will come from VisionTree Optimal Care (from the following email address: with the subject heading “Ramsay Health Care - Please Complete Your Medical Forms”. This email will contain a link to our Pre-Admission Assessment Form, where your results will be uploaded to a secure portal.
If you are waiting to receive a form from us, please ensure you check your emails and junk folder regularly.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, the content is directly uploaded to our secure admission portal so you do not need to do anything further.
  • Check your private health insurance to ensure your baby is covered under your policy
  • Discuss with your partner/carer their involvement in the program
  • Keep in touch with your General Practitioner and Maternal Child Health Nurse
  • Whilst waiting utilise friends and relatives for support if available

Admission times are staggered throughout the morning. You will receive your admission time via email and make sure you arrive 15 minutes early.

Payment of account must be made on admission. VISA, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Bankcard, cheque or cash are accepted.

On arrival at Masada Private Hospital please report to Main Reception where you will be guided to the Early Parenting Centre.

Your admitting nurse will complete your clinical admission, orientate you to the Centre and introduce you to Early Parenting Centre staff members. You will also be seen by your admitting General Practitioner on this day.

Group Programs commence on the day of admission and your admitting nurse will run through the program with you.

Early Parenting Centre visiting hours are between 4.00pm and 8.00pm; Partners/Carers may visit anytime.

Discharge time is 8.00am.

The multidisciplinary team caring for you and your infant meet to review and discuss your progress and goals achieved. Planning for further ongoing support may be necessary for individuals and recommendation and referral will be given if required.

For a period of four weeks from discharge parents may contact the Early Parenting Centre for support and guidance to reinforce the outcome of the residential program. They will be provided with a dedicated number to call for this service at the time of discharge.

It is recommended you visit your General Practitioner and Maternal & Child Health Nurse for further advice appropriate to your infant’s age.