Masada Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

On admission to the Bayside Rehabilitation Centre, you will be assessed by a multidisciplinary team who will establish an individualised plan of therapy in consultation with you. Together, realistic goals will be set. The program will enable you to achieve the highest level of independence in both the hospital setting and on return to home, work and leisure. 

We have dedicated, specialist staff who provide a variety of individually tailored rehabilitation programs including:

  • Orthopaedic (for example following a joint replacement, back surgery or a fracture)
  • Reconditioning (for example following surgery or a recent fall)
  • Neurological (for example after a stroke)
  • Cardiac (for example following heart surgery or a heart attack)
  • Pulmonary (for example an exacerbation of a persistent respiratory condition)
  • Multi-trauma (for example following a car accident or work place accident)
  • Pain (for example complex needs of people with persistent pain)
  • Oncology
  • Amputees and compensable patients including WorkCover/TAC/Private Life Insurance 

The team’s expertise combined with quality facilities at Masada Private Hospital ensure that a service of the highest standard is provided.

How do I book in?

To be admitted for an Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, we require a referral from a GP or a specialist to one of our Rehabilitation Specialists.

Once you have been referred to the program by your specialist, GP or referring hospital, you will be contacted by the program co-ordinator to arrange a suitable starting date.

To discuss your referral call 0437 669 889.

How to book or make a referral

To make a referral download and complete our referral form and fax to 03 9038 1344 or email to