Masada Private Hospital
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The Bayside Rehabilitation Centre

Masada Private Hospital continues to be a leading healthcare provider offering the bayside and surrounding areas a comprehensive range of surgical, medical and mother baby services. We are proud to announce an expansion of services with the opening of The Bayside Rehabilitation Centre in March 2016.

The Bayside Rehabilitation Centre offers:

  • Purpose built rehabilitation facility for tailored & specific care
  • 30 single rooms each with private ensuite
  • Gymnasium
  • Inpatient & day program services
  • Open to all patients: private health covered, TAC, DVA, WorkCover, self-insured

Services include:

  • Orthopaedic Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs
  • Orthopaedic Day Only Programs
  • Pain Management Programs
  • Reconditioning Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs
  • Reconditioning Day Only Programs

Rehabilitation Team

Our programs are managed by a team of health care professionals including:

  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Rehabilitation Assessor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Dietitian

Rehabilitation Specialists

Dr Vaidya Bala – Director of Rehabilitation at The Bayside Rehabilitation Centre / Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Faye Jansen - Rehabilitation Physician
Dr Krystal Song - Rehabilitation Physician
Dr Ian Kaufman – General Practitioner

The Rehabilitation Specialist has the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating your medical and rehabilitation care. The Rehabilitation Specialist will liaise with your Surgeon or Physician, General Practitioner and other specialists to ensure effective continuity of medical care.

Rehabilitation Assessor

Our experienced Rehabilitation Assessment Nurses will visit you a few days after your operation. They will discuss your post-operative progress and together you will set goals for your treatment which will be further developed by the Rehabilitation team once you commence your therapy sessions.


The Physiotherapist will assist you in improving your balance, strength, movement, flexibility, endurance, mobility and reviewing any mobility equipment if required. The physiotherapist will design a home exercise program.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists will assist you in increasing your functional ability with activities of daily living.

Occupational Therapy can assist with:

  • Balance and endurance therapy
  • Falls prevention and everyday activities
  • Leisure activities and past hobbies
  • "getting organised" activities

Rehabilitation Nurse

Your nurses will encourage and assist you to achieve your optimal level of independence by providing suitable and enjoyable activities. They will coordinate your program and attend to any nursing requirements


You may be referred to a Dietician who can assist with assessing your nutritional requirements and advise you about healthy food options.

Referral and Admission

The Bayside Rehabilitation Centre inpatient and day programs require a referral from a medical practitioner or hospital.

Download and view our referral form.

Phone: 03 9038 1333
Fax: 03 9038 1344