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Masada Private Hospital is proud to work with leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Dr Andrew Ives, Mr Cheng Lo and Gideon Belcher, each whom provide high-quality, comprehensive and compassionate care for those seeking trans gender surgery.

The team at Masada are passionate about the positive changes that plastic surgery can make in people’s lives.

Why Masada?

Our exceptional nursing and support team and world class equipment makes our hospital a place where our surgeons can provide top quality patient care.

Masada Private Hospital’s philosophy is to provide a range of services to support the needs of every community member. Everyone is entitled to the highest level of respect. Our hospital offers a comfortable, welcoming, and discreet place for you to receive quality health care.

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Trans Feminine – Genital Reconstructive Surgery

This category of surgeries are performed to create female genitalia.  


A vaginoplasty, which takes about 3-4 hours to perform, involves using the skin of the penis to create a lining of the perineum (opening to the vagina), and the lining of the vagina. Scrotal skin, if required, is used to line the top part of the vaginal cavity.

The testicles are removed. The head of the penis is used to create the neo-clitoris, so that most patients can retain the ability to have an orgasm post operatively.


Similar to a vaginoplasty, the labiaplasty involves the creation of a vaginal dimple instead of a neovagina. The final result looks the same as a vaginoplasty however patients do not have to dilate since they have no cavity.

Length of stay and recovery time

The usual length of stay is around 5-6 nights depending on which surgery you had. Dressings are removed on day 3.

If you are interstate, you will need to plan to stay in Melbourne for around 14-18 days in total.

Total recovery time can take up to 12 weeks, however most patients are able to resume work after 6 weeks or so, depending on your occupation.

Trans Masculine

Chest reconstructive surgery / Top surgery

The purpose of this surgery is to create a more masculine or androgenous chest. This includes contouring of the chest wall, removal of breast tissue and skin excess, reduction and repositioning of the nipple areolar complex, minimalization of chest wall scars and obliteration of the inframammary fold.

Length of stay and recovery time 

The usual length of stay in hospital is one night. You will need to rest for about two weeks, with no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for approximately 6 weeks.

You’re in good hands

Dr Andrew Ives

Dr Andrew Ives, is highly skilled with extensive experience and a passion for the positive changes that plastic surgery can make in people’s lives. He feels privileged to have such a rewarding career.

With years of experience behind him, Dr Ives provides top class surgical services. He also fully understands the human element that comes with surgery, offering personalised advice to support you to reach your surgical goal.

Dr Ives will take the time to understand your past medical history, general health and journey to date before providing advice on the operations available to you. Learn more about Dr Andrew Ives.

Mr Cheng Lo

Mr Cheng Lo is a fully qualified specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, who has achieved the highest standards in surgical training at almost every major tertiary hospital in Melbourne, Victoria. At IRIS Plastic Surgery, he offers a range of services including skin cancer surgery, hand surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and aesthetic surgery.

Learn more about Mr Cheng Lo

How to book or refer

A GP referral is required to have a consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Please speak to your GP about a referral to the specialist of your choice.